Safe use of aluminum foils containers in microwave ovens

Safe use of aluminum foils containers in microwave ovens

As a result of research by the Institute in the field of technological processes and packaging VII in Freising, Germany, conclusive evidence has been obtained of the safety of using aluminum foil containers in microwave ovens. The claim that such packaging is unsafe for use in microwave ovens has been completely refuted. There is no reason to be afraid to use aluminum foil. But not anymore to afraid aluminum foil container machine price . You Can make

Aluminum foil packaging has certain advantages.

The containers are stiffer, hold their shape well and can be used in double-sided ovens. In addition, the use of such dishes in microwave ovens leads to an increase in the finished dish. For example, in the case of heating of lasagna during the study, an increase in its volume was noted due to the baked crust formed on top.

Microwave heating of food products in aluminum foil molds or in plastic containers with aluminum foil or aluminum layering is possible. This conclusion was made as a result of tests conducted on behalf of the European Aluminum Foil Association and with the support of the Aluminum Foil Containers Manufacturers Association.

The Institute tested heating methods in a microwave oven by setting maximum power. As a result, there were absolutely no dangers for users and not a single case of damage to microwave ovens was recorded such a conclusion was made by the author of the study.

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Over 200 servings of various were placed in aluminum foil containers or stacked in aluminum-containing foil. Tests have shown complete safety of the heating process for both users and microwave ovens. Not a single case of damage was recorded.

In several kitchen microwaves at maximum power, egg dough, tap water, frozen lasagna and minced meat were tested in aluminum foil containers. Noodle soup, children’s menu products were tested in open plastic bowls and trays coated with aluminum foil.

The study also revealed some differences in the heating time of products in the case of utensils made of aluminum foil and plastic containers. So, due to the difference in samples and the geometry of the trays, it turned out that some dishes took a little longer to heat in an aluminum foil package. Experts in their observations noted interesting results regarding the uniformity of heating of samples when using containers of aluminum foil, in some cases a more uniform heating was revealed.

  • Safe for human health
  • Eco-material is not oxidized and is easily recycled after use.
  • Suitable for freezing and heating food, as well as cooking
  • Reliably maintains the temperature and freshness of food
  • Used in manufacturing, professional kitchens and in the household

Aluminum food containers: the choice of professionals

Food containers made of aluminum foil are becoming increasingly popular in large kitchens of cafes, restaurants, food trucks and even in the household. These disposable containers have become a modern way of packaging, preparing and storing food, so amateurs and professionals in the preparation of culinary masterpieces are increasingly buying containers made of aluminum. Services that organize field events and are engaged in home delivery of food, production, restaurants and cafes have long appreciated this product.

Why do cooks choose aluminum containers?

Disposable aluminum containers comply with international standards and trends. The entire range of Pro-master store products is able not only to save time on cooking, but also to adhere to a healthy diet, environmental friendliness, and naturalness. At the same time, all food retains its taste and freshness.