3 best movie streaming websites when you can’t afford Netflix

3 best movie streaming websites when you can’t afford Netflix

Today we are looking at the best free movie sites where you can watch movies online without having to pay a single dime. These are the top streaming brands in 2019 as per our research, so hopefully, this article is going to help you select the best movie site as per your preferences.

AZ movies: So number one is a website called AZ movies, you can get to it by going to AZM.TO. These are not going to be in any particular order, so you can choose whichever one you like the look of. On this, you can filter by all movies, genre, and year that the film was released. Also, you can check the option “featured movies,” which is going to be the latest movies that they have got on the website. You can click on any video, and it should show it in high definition. You can choose from two different servers here, and then you can scroll down, and you will see more about the movie – we can see how long it is, IMDB rating, and if the video in HD. We can then play the video, and obviously, give it a few seconds to load, and the movie will play in full HD.

MyFlixer: Now, let’s come to the movie site number two. Movie site number two is a website called MyFlixer, and you can open the site by the URL, MyFlixer.com. It has a really nice user interface, and they have great movies here. You can filter by movies or TV shows, and you can filter again by genre, country, or you can search for your own. By clicking on any of the titles, you can see the trailer, and you can see a description of the movie, the duration, and other information. You can also see other videos that are related to the film, and again, as usual, you can click the play button, and the film is going to load. We should just wait for the video to load, and you are going to get the movie loading in full HD with subtitles. Now on to the next one.

BatFLIX: Website number three is a website called BatFLIX.org, and you can check it out by going to the site directly by typing the URL straight in your browser. Again the same kind of thing you will see here. We have got home, movies, TV shows, trending, and we’ve got a quick filter so that you can also search your own film. We can also see titles listed under different categories, like featured, latest movies, and the latest TV shows on their home page. You can click on a random movie, and you can see whether it’s a new movie and whether it’s in HD. You can also see how long the movie is, and then all we can do is we can click play, and the film is going to play. We can then fullscreen it, or play as it usually is. You will have to wait for it to play here, and once the video starts playing in Full HD, you can see that it’s of excellent quality.

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You can go and check out these websites if you want to. Make sure you stay on a VPN to stay safe, and also make sure you have got an adblocker so your browsing experience is pleasant.