What does a domain mean and why to register it?

What does a domain mean and why to register it?

The price of a domain name differs per extension and per domain name provider. All domain name providers have the freedom to compile their own prices for a domain. The most registered domain name in the Netherlands is the .nl domain name. A .nl domain name costs around 3.95 to 15 dollars per year.

ثبت دامنه

Some providers offer discounts while ثبت دامنه (domain registration) for the first year. For example, you can pay 1 euro in the first year and 7.50 in the second year. The costs are partly determined by the service you take with it. For example, you can park a domain name for later use, use it as an e-mail address, refer you to another website and use it for a website.

What is a domain name?

A domain name (URL) is a web address. A domain name is necessary if you want to be found on the internet. A domain name is never 100% yours. For example, your domain name will expire if you stop paying the annual costs.

Register a domain name

In the Netherlands, there are approximately 18,000 organizations that arrange domain registrations. To offer a .nl, the organizations must become a member of the SIDN (the administrator of the .nl domain names). Of those 18,000 parties, a few hundred are seriously competing with the top. Each party has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, one party is a bit cheaper, the other offers more information, the other is focused on service, and another offers services other than domain registration and hosting (such as web design). 000.nl has made a comparison (at the price of a domain name) of a number of large organizations that offer hosting and domain registrations.

Registering a domain is equivalent to acquiring, at one of the many providers or hosting companies on the network, a unique name to taste as “Losito. it”so as to be able to dispose of freely and independently of the others. More generally, a registration procedure may also refer to a single e-mail address, which a user may wish to appropriate for business or private use (e.g. no me@azienda.it or no me123@gmail.com).

Each address must be identifiable and unique in order to function and possibly communicate with others so as not to generate ambiguity in the management, moreover it must have a standard structure and, not least, possess a predefined structure (such as the hierarchical structure seen for Internet domains, for example) and supporting specific communication protocols (POP3, SMTP, IM AP for electronic mail, TCP / IP for Internet addresses). The registration procedures specify in detail how this allocation and registration process is carried out, and in particular, how domain names are generated and assigned to users. Normally the duration of domain registration in the commercial sphere is at least one year, and as soon as a domain expires, it is possible, with the right timing, to take possession of it.

Domain name registration

If you have a .nl domain name registered with a domain and hosting provider, you have to wait for an hour before everything is processed. With other domain name extensions, this ‘processing time’ is somewhat longer. With some extensions, it can even take a day.

Cost of domain name extensions

Another option is to register your desired domain name on a different extension. The most popular domain name extensions are: .com, .be, .net, .org, .eu, biz, info etc. The cost of another extension is between 10 and 100 dollars per year.