Introduction to Email Host: The beginner’s guide

Introduction to Email Host: The beginner’s guide

To create and publish your website, you need to bring together three essential components: a domain name, هاست وردپرس and a content manager (CMS). The domain name is the access address ( to your site.

Register a domain name

Hosting is the server that stores the pages of your site and makes them accessible 24/7 to visitors on the Internet.

Compare accommodations

The Content Management System (CMS) is a software installed on your hosting (WordPress, for example) to create and modify Web pages easily, without necessarily knowing how to code. See all web applications (CMS)

It simplifies the management of these elements to the maximum. Thanks to the Manager, you can easily link your domain name to your hosting and install the CMS of your choice in one click, without any prior knowledge.

هاست وردپرس

Your site must be fast and accessible to everyone, today and tomorrow

When creating a website, we want it to be available to everyone quickly and easily. This is precisely the role of your accommodation. It allows accessibility and 24/7 availability of your website on the Internet. From the showcase site to e-commerce sites, the diversity of content on the Web is endless. While some sites are destined to serve a considerable number of users, others receive a smaller amount of visitors.

Depending on its use and content, a site requires more or fewer computer resources: power (CPU), storage space, RAM (RAM) or even connection speed to the Internet. In this sense, the choice of your accommodation is comparable to the choice of your computer:

  • It must offer the performance and the technologies corresponding to your needs.
  • It must be able to evolve with your success.
  • In close contact with Internet users for more than 25 years, experts have developed a range of perfectly up-to-date and technologically advanced accommodations, so that your site always enjoys the best performance, whatever its use and future developments.

What is the best hosting for your website?

Hosting is no longer just a resource, but a service that can evolve freely and at any time according to your needs, your preferences and your budget.

Web hosting: flagship offer for professionals

Ideal for SMBs and demanding individuals, Web Hosting is the optimal choice for more than 80% of websites. It allows you to install the most popular applications in one click and enjoy free professional WordPress themes.

Entirely managed and optimized by experts, it offers a powerful and scalable turnkey solution. Its attractive price is made possible by the rational exploitation of the hardware resources of the same server for several websites. Depending on your needs, Web Hosting can evolve in 1 click to a Cloud Server with dedicated resources.

To further optimize IT resources, databases and emails are stored on separate servers. Web Hosting also allows you to host up to 20 websites for the same base rate. It also provides access to a large suite of online business tools (storage space to host videos and podcasts , newsletter tools , etc.), all developed by professionals, to help you succeed online.

Highlights: ease of use, professional level performance, responsive support, inexpensive and scalable (possibility to migrate in 1 click on a Cloud Server).

Limitations: Available technologies are defined in advance.