The Children and their Good Time Now

The Children and their Good Time Now

Have a good time and laugh when things don’t go your way. Remember that the best toys are stones, sticks and mud, relax, enjoy watching them get dirty, how they laugh out loud. Take many photos with care not to disturb or interrupt them, put yourself in one, even if you are dirty and disheveled. For them, you are the prettiest. And of course, do not forget to connect with your children, empathize with their feelings, take them when they need it, rock them when they are tired and in general adopt the whole experience to them, they already adapt to us by nature, you just have to put it on a little easy. With the con heo dat song, you can keep the children within control.

con heo dat

Now that they are older, we have a travel kit that includes:

  • Printable (games, puzzles, materials for symbolic play): You can print and plasticize them and store them in filing cabinets (we still carry a photo album because we have not found anything better).
  • Stamps: Girls love stamps; these are from Tiger and are kept one above the other.
  • Paintings: These are also from Tiger and are stored over each other, for small babies we recommend Waldorf waxes (square and easy to grab for them).
  • Notepads: tiny advertising notebooks are ideal.
  • Sticker books: we don’t know what they have but children love them, they don’t occupy much and they can save you from a critical situation.
  • A slate of roller cloth and chalks. These were sewn by my mother-in-law thanks to some slate fabrics that were given to us in CreativeFabrics. If you do not have ease sewing also sells them made.

We also carry:

Magnetic doll games: The typical cut-out games from when we were little now sell them magnetic, hours and hours of symbolic game fun.

Books: Don’t forget the stories. To not take up much space we recommend these mini-stories, they have a mini size but they give a lot of play. Downloading stories on the pad(this app about stories is great) is a good idea too. And also books on travel and tourism for kids!

Music and movies on the tablet: download a couple of movies that you like very much on the tablet for emergency moments is a good idea too. Or videos of him playing, running and jumping, my girls love them as much or more than commercial movies. Have you tried Gribble? They are great.

A camera (the one that April uses is aquatic and quite resistant) and take the opportunity to make photographic games like those proposed by Jackie Rueda in her beautiful book “Little Big Photographer” that we have already reviewed.

Have you noticed that everything fits in a small backpack?

If you travel by plane the thing can get complicated to infinity, so there are also tips. As far as possible choose direct flights (this is easy to say) and at times that you consider appropriate for your child. Always carry one or two. Baby carrier backpacks for controls and waiting for luggage. It’s weird, but sometimes cars get lost, and the situation can get disastrous if you don’t carry a baby carrier.