Films You Need to Watch Perfectly

Films You Need to Watch Perfectly

A face in very close-up and a title reduced to a minimum, a central title, a landscape or the evocation of a danger. The movie posters are as numerous as the films they illustrate. Sometimes it’s a color that dominates. Sometimes it’s a mood, an expression or a word. The movie poster does not follow any miracle recipe. Yet, it is essential. It is she, among others, who have the power to attract the public in theaters. The poster targets a particular audience, that of the film. In this, she uses the same weapons as advertising. For the comuna hartiesti you can have the best options.

How does a poster take shape?

“Four to five weeks” is sometimes enough to develop a movie poster. But it can also be much longer, says Denis Peyrat, artistic director at Gaumont. His role makes the link between the team of graphic designers and the film crew. “The work can start from some photos taken during the shoot, or the idea emerges only after editing, once the film is completed, it depends,” he says.

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What are the good ingredients?

Denis Peyrat is adamant: “a poster that makes sense, good legibility, impact, and then among all that, something a little more subtle: a poster that makes you want to go see the movie”. This must be, to put it quickly, a successful movie poster. “We have to reach a certain consensus between the teams to know if we have in our hands the right poster because the poster is of course” subjective “, explains the professional. Will be seduced, others not. For Denis Peyrat, it is especially “to highlight the assets of the film according to the targeted audience.” The cherry on the cake? “Originality as much as possible,

Are there specific constraints?

Graphic designers have to do with “legal data”, i.e. the credits and the mentions to be placed on the movie posters. “There are names, but also sizes of names to respect, etc. All this is decided by the contract on each film,” says Denis Peyrat. “Another example, it can happen that, by contract, if the graphic designer decides to place one of the actors of the film on a poster, it is necessary to place another one.” These are parameters that are part of the specifications.

The realization of a poster also differs according to the genre of the film, according to the public of the feature film and according to the subject.

The Dinner of Cons Poster, released in 1998, is part of an idea that has quickly imposed, for the sake of maximum efficiency. We already had our ingredients: a strong title in itself, which also existed since the play had been very successful. It was one of the strengths we had. It was then decided to place on the poster, in front of the title written in enormous font of character, the two principal actors, one designating the other. A simple idea is reminiscent of the codes of the comic strip.

It’s a poster built around the title. And I must say that if we were looking for meaning, understanding, readability and impact, we are right in the middle. At the time, we tried to impose a style of posters of French comedies, with a white background and a red typo.