Smarter Choices for the best Fortune Telling Now

Smarter Choices for the best Fortune Telling Now

Among the most ancient fortune-telling, rooted in antiquity, one of the places of honor deservedly occupies fortune-telling on coffee grounds. The drink itself has long spread all over the world, and, experts say, more than 200 million people, regardless of skin color and place of residence, begin their day with a cup of this aromatic, strong and invigorating drink. Apparently, this strength and vigor that our body receives from every cup of coffee we drink have become the main reason why coffee is attributed to a magical meaning. With the voyance par telephone you will have the option perfectly to know your future.

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Fortune-telling on coffee grounds

In any case, fortune-telling on coffee grounds is extremely interesting, and if you learn how to do it, then over time you will become a real expert in this field, you will be able to predict the future and warn people from mistakes.

However, we will make a reservation right away that any fortune-telling, including on coffee grounds, is not a panacea for all ills and is not a prescription for a medicine prescribed by a doctor for regular and rigorous use. Fortune – telling is a kind of hint, a cheat sheet that can warn of impending changes, suggest a solution to a difficult life task, and warn against danger. If you have a little imagination and the ability to associative thinking, then divination on the coffee grounds will be a pleasant and useful pastime for you, able to brighten up your leisure time and give a special charm to a friendly party. You will be able to become a kind of oracle in your company, and believe that this will attract others to you.

What do you need for fortune-telling on coffee grounds?

For fortune-telling on coffee grounds, you need the following things:

  • Turk: special dishes with a long handle for brewing coffee,
  • Several teaspoons of coffee (at the rate of 1 teaspoon per cup),
  • A small special coffee cup, better porcelain,
  • A porcelain saucer, which is best smooth and without a pattern.

According to all the rules of coffee, a Turk with water is heated on a special roasting pan, a long metal baking sheet with sand standing on hot coals. But since home conditions do not allow us to do this, we will use an ordinary gas stove. As soon as the water begins to boil, pour coffee and let it boil over very low heat.

Usually, they drink coffee for later fortune-telling without sugar, but as an exception, you can pour a small spoon to give the coffee a peculiar taste. The prepared drink must be drunk slowly, savoring every sip, relaxing and as if plunging into the atmosphere of calm, a kind of trance, which will allow you to unravel unknown symbols as clearly and clearly as possible.

Conditions of fortune-telling

One of the conditions of fortune-telling is that the coffee needs to be finished so that there is a thick enough liquid consistency at the bottom, which when poured on a saucer forms a pattern on the walls of the coffee cup.

To get this picture, the cup is taken in the left hand. Several circular movements are made strictly clockwise. As if shaking the contents of the cup and with the movement away the cup is placed on the saucer so that one of its edges falls on the edge of the saucer, and the other to the bottom.