Footwear and jeans: interesting solutions for women

Footwear and jeans: interesting solutions for women

Women’s jeans differ in a variety of styles. You can wear skinny jeans, baggy jeans or baggy loose pants. From the choice of jeans depends on shoes that complement the set. For example, with narrow stretch pants you can wear a variety of tall or comfortable boots. Under the wide models, choose stylish, lace-up oxford shoes. Two-tone models are especially stylish they can be emphasized with a matching bag or belt. Be it the Fall booties or any other footwear, you can expect the best now.

If you want to visually stretch your legs, choose denim-colored closed shoes with moderately high heels. For everyday wear, choose comfortable loafers or soft leather, nubuck or suede slippers. These shoes are perfect for creating sets in the style of a special. Don’t limit yourself to the usual black and brown scale try on trendy loafers. Red, orange, bright blue or yellow color diversifies your everyday wardrobe.

Fall booties

Sprinkled, embroidered or rhinestone designer models use original styles with shoes for example, with open sandals on the platform or with a thin heel. The only option that does not fit well with jeans is strict boat. Balls are only suitable for tall girls with long legs. If your parameters don’t match the model, choose open shoes on a thick corrugated sole. They will balance the proportions and give you elegance.

What shoes to wear with jeans?

Jeans are in the wardrobe of almost any modern woman. However, in order to look stylish, you need to choose the other components of a fashion image correctly. This is especially true for shoes.

Jeans shoes depending on the type of figure

Straight jeans can be called classic. They are suitable for almost any girl and are a great alternative to pants. However, beautiful sex with pending shapes should not wear clothes with high heels, otherwise they risk emphasizing their shortcomings. It is best to prefer low-heeled shoes, open-toed shoes or sandals. Such shoes will help to level the proportions visually. However, oddly enough, full girls wear tight jeans, pipes. Here with them high heels will look advantageous and will allow you to visually stretch the figure and look slimmer.

If you have long, slender legs, it’s best to get ballet slippers or sandals, or shoes with a little heel or kitty heels, as they are also called designers. In turn, short girls cannot run out of high heels, and the choice in this case is huge. These can be open sandals, heeled shoes, summer ankle boots and classic pumps.

Jeans and winter shoes

Jeans look good with winter boots. For example, straight jeans fit perfectly with both boots in a steady little heel and shoes on a flat sole. Sports shoes are best suited for burnt jeans. An alternative to boots to boots. Let some people think that it is better to wear boots under a dress or skirt. However, jeans will also be fine.

Recently, many girls prefer winter jeans over winter boots, and don’t wear them for shoes. Thus, it will be possible to demonstrate the beauty of the boots and decorative elements. In such a situation, preference should be given to the down-tapered jeans models. Otherwise you will have to make a great effort and some ingenuity to fill these jeans with boots especially when it comes to shoes without lock or boots, socks.