Adjust the walking time and length

Adjust the walking time and length

In extreme heat is therefore not good to walk the dog in direct sunshine. This could cause overheating, especially if you have an active dog and run a lot. In the morning let the dog in the shade a little run on short walks, longer walking for the evening hours. So when your dog’s nose is dry and cracked then you can be sure of the treatment you need.

While walking, try to avoid hot sidewalks, dog paws are not built on the hot surface. After returning from the walk, you can treat the paws with a cooling gel. If you go with your dog for a longer walk, take it with you a special travel bottle. This way he will have a constant water intake and will not have to drink from unclean puddles. Give him a drink more often and less.

dog's nose is dry and cracked

The most common cause of overheating in dogs is physical activity in warm weather. Therefore, skip them in extreme temperatures. Beware of seemingly innocent games, such as repeated throwing balls into the water and the like. Such physical effort in conjunction with heat can cause the dog not only overheating but also the overall collapse. Do not expect that when he cannot, he will stop himself. In this case, it will be a serious medical condition. Also, never throw the dog into the water. He could drown from shock. If you come to the water and the dog is after a long walk, do not let him swim immediately and first let him acclimatize in the shade.

If the dog is very tired after returning from the walk, wash his mouth and paws with lukewarm water. There are also special cooling jackets for very susceptible dogs to heat.

How do we know overheating in a dog and how to help it?

The body temperature of the dog is normally 38 – 39 ° C. If the temperature of the air the dog breathes is above 25 ° C or even above 30 ° C, breathing cooling is slow and less effective. If the air temperature approaches or even exceeds the body temperature, accelerated breath cooling is completely inadequate. In such a situation, overheating is only a matter of time.

Also in dogs, we can name those who are more prone to overheating. They are puppies and vice versa older dogs, overweight dogs and sick. Because the dog is mainly cooled through the inner surface of the nose, mouth and outer surface of the tongue, are also more susceptible to overheating breeds with a short nose and small breeds that move just above the hot ground.

Overheating in a dog can be identified by apathy, disorientation and heavy and accelerated breathing with an acceleration of the heart rate. The nose is dry and hot. In the higher stage of overheating there is salivation and in the mouth there is foam. Like a man overheated, a dog can vomit and have diarrhea.

As a first aid in overheating the dog always cool gradually, so that the dog did not cause thermal shock and other health problems. We serve the dog lukewarm water and keep it in a shady and airy place. Rinse the nose and put the paws in cold water containers. We put wet towels on the body. After providing the first aid we deliver the dog as quickly as possible to the veterinarian.