A Perfect Gaming Experience…And More for You

A Perfect Gaming Experience…And More for You

World of Final Fantasy is the newest chapter in the acclaimed RPG franchise. Released on PS4 and Vita, the Square Enix game celebrates the series’ long history and rescues various protagonists and mechanics from previous chapters while introducing new Pokémon- inspired mechanics. The end result is amazing. Check out all the hits of the game in our full review. World of Final Fantasy released for PlayStation platforms in 2016. From mmorpg news you can have more games such as these.

Classics Classic

The Final Fantasy series has hosted dozens of different games since its birth on Nintendinho in 1987. Over the decades, many characters, features and different styles of gameplay have fallen into the favor of gamers, making it hard to please everyone.

Fortunately, the new World of Final Fantasy chapter does a great job of blending nostalgia and innovation. The game brings many new features, but does not forget its roots and rescues acclaimed elements. His great asset is to have self-contained resources and history, perfect for laymen, but even better for those who are a longtime fan of the franchise.

New fantasy world

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The protagonists of the new journey are the charismatic brothers Lann and Reynn, who wake up with amnesia in the kingdom of Grymoire. They soon discover that their arms have powers and can capture mirages, the monsters that inhabit the world.

While trying to unravel the mysteries of this new land, the duo recruits and trains new pets to help them in combat, as well as receiving the help of various face known as Cloud and Lightning. This is a big celebration of the legacy of this most videogame role-playing series.

It makes me want to squeeze it

You can’t escape this subject: World of Final Fantasy is possibly the cutest game of this generation. Right in the early hours of the campaign, the player learns to turn the protagonists into their miniature versions with a push of a button.

The “chibi” version is the standard look for all Grymoire inhabitants and perfectly matches the beautiful high definition graphics. The architecture and lighting of castles, caves and open fields is breathtaking, and the sublime art direction ensures that every second of adventure is memorable.

Do we have to get it?

Against the wave of Western RPGs, World of Final Fantasy structures its gameplay over the classic turn-based combat system. The feature is very well implemented and gets even better with the curious addition of Pokémon-inspired mechanics that allow the protagonists to capture the monsters found in the fights.

In the options tab, you can customize various details such as the speed of the clashes, the decision time for turn movements and even the menu look, alternating between a modern command wheel and a static frame with text, right in the line. Final Fantasy released for Super Nintendo.

The only considerable downside is the excess information scattered through the confusing menus. The early hours of the journey are full of dialogues that try to explain new features slowly, but it takes a long time to familiarize you with the skill enhancement system, such as dragging monsters across the map or stacking them for effective combat use. Since the game is not localized for Portuguese, everything can get even more confusing. For those who are not fluent in English or Japanese.