Why does the phone need a SIM and how does it fit?

Why does the phone need a SIM and how does it fit?

SIM card looks like a very small rectangular size with one edge curved plastic piece. It is having an important middle space with an integrated chip that helps the users to communicate with the people whom they want. That only connects with the signals and makes the entire process successful. It contains a special UNI unique identification number that is commonly called a mobile number or phone number. When the SIM card is inserted the phone software reads the data which encrypted with the SIM card and makes them access easily. The term GSM global system for mobile communications was developed by the ETSI [ European telecommunication standard institute] to work the phone by 1G and 2G data networks. This range helps the phone to make communication easier. There is a phplx  range where the phone network access by some protocols. The code division multiple access is a radio telecommunication signal which helps the SIM card to connect properly with its frequency. When the frequency is collapsing then only we will face the cross call and break the call. All the networks maximum try not to give the poor signals to their customers.

SIM card functions and how they fit in mobile phones:


There are different size in the SIM card, which is designed by mobile phone companies. There is a single slot or two slots for the SIM card is available in the mobile phones. By that the user can fix the SIM cards and make use of it. The different size and dimensions of the SIM card are as follows,

  • Full-size SIM: this is about 80 mm * 55 mm this size is used for the basic mobile which has a keypad in it.
  • Mini size SIM: it has 25 mm * 14 mm
  • Micro size SIM: this is majorly used in the past 5 to 10 years for all the smartphones. It has a size of about 15 mm * 13 mm. Till the iPhone 4s version apple launched the SIM card size as micro. For Android, Samsung use this size till galaxy s4 and s5.
  • Nano size SIM: now this is the only size for the newly generated phones. It has 12.5 mm * 8.5 mm. iPhone launched this size card slot for its iPhone 5 version and its upcoming. In Samsung, they started this nano version from galaxy s6.
  • Embedded size SIM: it has 6 mm * 5.5 mm

In the very olden days the SIM card size was equal to the credit card. Later the new inventions the size reduces to the embedded one. If you have the full size you can cut the SIM till embedded one and if you have the embedded size but you want to fix to the full size you can get the attachments orderly so that the SIM can fit any type of slots. Whatever the size may be the process it takes will be equal. But it changes according to the mobile model attached to it. This is the way that you can use different sizes of SIM cards.