Why choose a vacuum cleaner: Things to know

Why choose a vacuum cleaner: Things to know

There are large price and quality differences between a dyson canister vacuum and other automatic vacuum cleaners. The simplest models do not follow a fixed pattern, which means they often skip places. These models can also easily get stuck or fall down the stairs. More expensive robot vacuum cleaners are more intelligent. They can ‘see’ where the stairs are and have a smart navigation system, which gives you a cleaner result. The latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners is connected to your Wi-Fi network, making it easy to control them via an app on your smartphone. This way, you can switch the vacuum cleaner on or off and control it from work.

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Do you often have a fireplace or barbecue? Then it may be worthwhile to purchase a special ash vacuum cleaner. With an ash vacuum cleaner, you can remove the ash quickly and effectively. You can also use it for ash from wood-burning stoves and fire pits.

No pocket, wireless: the latest trends

The biggest annoyance during vacuuming is the cord. Are you just vacuuming, you have to find a new outlet. And even if you buy a vacuum cleaner with an extra long cord, the problem remains that you can catch on furniture. You don’t have these problems with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that the battery of a wireless vacuum cleaner is limited. After about 20 minutes, he has to turn on the charger again.

Another improvement is the vacuum cleaners without a bag (cyclone vacuum cleaner). Cyclone vacuum cleaners have the highest suction power of all vacuum cleaner types. With these models, the dirt and dust end up in a solid dust container that you can easily empty in the garbage bin. Quite a bit of dust can be released, so you shouldn’t do that inside. This makes a dust-free vacuum cleaner unsuitable for people without outside space.

Even if you have dust mite allergies or respiratory complaints, it is better to choose a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag. The big advantage of a dust-free vacuum cleaner is that you will never have to look for the right dust bag again. Dust-free vacuum cleaning is, therefore, better for the environment and of course for your wallet. Are you looking for the best bagless vacuum cleaner? Compare the different types here and find the cheapest shop.

Which brands of vacuum cleaners are there?

Are you looking for a classic sled vacuum cleaner then you can choose from many different vacuum cleaner brands? Dyson is the largest brand, followed by Philips and Bosch. The Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Bosch vacuum cleaner often come out as the best in vacuum cleaner tests. Smaller vacuum cleaner brands include AEG and Siemens. Many brands nowadays sell steel vacuum cleaners as well as sled vacuum cleaners.

If you are looking for a boiler vacuum cleaner with a larger capacity, you will end up with brands such as Nilfisk, Henry, and Kärcher. Dyson is best known for the bagless vacuum cleaner. If you choose a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will have lost a reasonable amount, but you will also get a great device. For example, the recently launched steel vacuum cleaner has a digital motor and therefore, an enormous suction power.