Virtual escape rooms – escaping the restricted reality

Virtual escape rooms – escaping the restricted reality

Virtual Escape Rooms have taken over the world like anything. Be it an escape room specially designed for students on online socializing platforms such as zoom or skype to make use of their intellect and solve a particular question in a limited amount of time with the crystal-clear intention of escaping the room or be it a virtual Harry Potter escape room game where you can team up with your buddies and solve mysteries within the castle of Hogwarts and even fight against the followers of Voldemort from the safety and comfort of your home during these unprecedented times.

online escape room became a global success because of the adrenaline rush these games instil in an individual through its element of surprise, amusement, competitiveness, and teamwork. Virtual escape rooms are based on a particular theme. Some of the most popular ones include solving a mysterious case of murder and working together with your team to catch the perpetrator within a given time frame, striving hard to escape the serial killer, breaking out of prison, etc.

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Lately, Virtual Escape Room creators all around the world have worked to the best of their abilities to convey a perfect blend of education and puzzles through virtual escape rooms in order to provide not just kids, but also adults with a source of entertainment plus learning through quizzes and puzzles. Let us have a look at two of the famous virtual escape rooms that encourage learning and entertainment, simultaneously.

  • Brain chase – People who look forward to excelling in the fields of Photography, Engineering, Coding, Mathematics, and Reading can participate in the global Brain Chaise virtual escape room and compete with contestants from each and every part of the world to solve academic challenges and uncover mysteries. Brain Chase offers a nostalgic experience by recreating an environment that resembles our computer labs from good old school days where we used to compete with our fellow classmates in order to finish the assigned task before anyone else does. Also, Brain Chase rewards its winner of the monthly global puzzle challenge with hundred dollars with the clear motive of boosting his/her confidence and appreciating his/her hard work at the global platform.

Brain chase stands on top of the educational-fun genre list of virtual escape rooms.

  • Undercover escape – A treat for aspiring detectives and spies all around the world, Undercover Escape offers the world’s best escape experience to teams across the globe, transfiguring each participant into an undercover spy. Undercover Escape offers 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes virtual escape room versions within which the Game Host informs the amateur undercover spies that their identities have been exposed to the world and they must search for hints and connect dots in order to solve mysteries. Undercover Escape is an impeccable representation of teamwork, team building, cooperation, empathy, and perseverance. Clues include ciphers, recorded video clips, sound recordings, messages (both textual and verbal), undercover assistants, etc to guide you throughout the missions, every escape room after another.

Undercover escape has topped the charts for owning the largest number of subscribers in the virtual escape room domain.