This is how you can build your own terrarium

This is how you can build your own terrarium

Gardening is a great hobby to have and makes for a good recreational and interactive activity as well. It is a passion for many people. Planting saplings in the garden or in pots is a great way to spend the weekend and it can be done as a group activity with friends and family. But in the modern world, many people don’t have the time or space to carry out gardening activities. Most housing areas don’t have a lot of open space where they may be able to plant different saplings of fruits, vegetables, flowers, or other kinds of plants. It also takes a lot of effort to maintain plants in their best shape. Not everyone has the time to look after the plants on a regular basis. But that doesn’t stop people from wanting to have plants in their homes and add some greenery to their living space. For them, a Terrarium Workshop is the best way to their own mini garden.  Here in this article, you will get information about a terrarium and its working process.

What is a terrarium?

A terrarium is a compact garden made in a transparent container typically made of glass, having soil and small plants. A terrarium can either be sealed or open. In the case of a sealed terrarium, make sure to open the lid every once in a while. A terrarium has an opening that is big enough for a person to access the plants kept inside. You can create an ecosystem that can sustain itself, in a terrarium.

What do you need to make a terrarium?

  • A transparent container typically made of glass. (Jars, fishbowl, or an aquarium tank)
  • Soil and pebbles for the base.
  • Plants of your choice, preferably low maintenance plants.

Where can you get a terrarium?

There are places that sell pre-made terrariums but you can DIY them as well. You can enrol in a terrarium workshop and learn how to build one from professionals. You can also watch tutorials on YouTube and read blog posts that will help you in building a terrarium.

Terrarium Workshop

Steps of building a terrarium as seen in a terrarium workshop:

  • Pick a container: A terrarium is generally built in a container that has a wide opening so that it’s easy to access the plants and water them regularly. You can pick a container based on the size and shape you want.
  • Lay the base: The base of a terrarium is made from pebbles and the soil for the plants to grow. Lay down a layer of pebbles first and then put a layer of soil on top. Make sure you lay down a layer at least 1 or 2 inches thick.
  • Choose your plants: Not all plants are good for a terrarium. Pick plants that can be maintained easily and that can grow indoors. Succulents, mosses, and ferns are some of the best plants to put in a terrarium. Start by removing the plant from its container and remove the excess soil stuck to the roots. Make small holes in the soil of the terrarium and plant in them.