The Right Options in the best Translation Service

The Right Options in the best Translation Service

A sworn or certified translation is a translation of generally administrative documents like birth certificates, notarial acts, driving licenses, transcripts, etc.produced by a so-called expert translator. The sworn translator has, in fact, the legal competence to certify, by his bucket and his signature, that the translation delivered is faithful and in conformity with the original document. Its translations can thus be presented to French or foreign administrations and institutions, and its certification is authentic before the courts. Confidentiality is a crucial element in this service, which the expert translator must respect. You need to find out why .

Swearing-In: A Legal Procedure

Registered with the Court of Appeal of his constituency, by the decision of a specialized commission, the expert is thus considered to be an auxiliary of justice. However, it also offers its services to courts, lawyers, notaries as well as businesses and individuals. It is important to note that the swearing-in being a legal procedure, the language pairs supported must include English.

What Is The Use Of A Certified Translation?

The sworn translation may be required in many cases which involve going through a national administration or institution. It is useful for example for a French person in the context of a move, a job or a university entry in another country, and the same goes for a person of foreign nationality who would come to this country. Companies can also have their documents translated and sworn in within the framework of legal and financial operations, partnership contracts, creation of subsidiaries abroad, etc.

Please note: if the document is intended for foreign authorities, swearing-in alone is no longer sufficient. You must also add an apostille generally made at the town hall or have it legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, depending on the country of destination. Expert translators generally integrate this service into their service.

Where to Find a Sworn Translator?

From translation agencies that have a large network of sworn translators or directly from the Court of Appeal near you. There are also online directories which are not always reliable.

What Are The Steps To Get A Sworn Translation?

Check with the institution that requires sworn translation exactly what it wants swearing, legalization, and apostille. Contact the agency or sworn translator specializing in the desired language combination to obtain a quote.

Send the original documents by mail to the selected translator using a secure service, with tracking of your mail. Certain sworn translations may, however, be made on simple copies diplomas, transcripts, etc. or on certified true copies.

According to the translators, you can ask to proofread the translation in the digital version before it is delivered to you certified in paper format.

Have any additional steps taken apostille, legalization.

find out why

Get your sworn translation, which will be delivered to you by post or by hand, since unlike a traditional translation, only original documents with the bucket and the handwritten mention of the translator are valid.

Sworn translation is, therefore, a procedure that takes a certain amount of time, especially taking into account postal delivery time. It is strongly recommended that you do not do this at the last minute if you need this service.

The Cost

Generally calculated on the page, the sworn translation can seem expensive. However, it strongly engages the translator’s civil and criminal liability and also involves printing and postal costs that other translators do not have. Without counting the numerous compulsory training courses each year in order to update their knowledge.