Most well-known australian guitars

Most well-known australian guitars

Australian made guitars have always been very popular while making guitars. Australian guitars are paying a definite voice to the worldwide guitar sensation. There’s few very popular Australian made a guitars & that’s a real gem for music lovers & composers.

Mattoon Phil Manning Custom Stereo:

Australian made guitars

This guitar is made of mahogany with a rounded in the top part and this has an acoustic hollow structure with a stable center support neckband. String bar mounting and bridge definitely need to be mentioned. This was made in the year 1977 in Australia. This guitar is professionally recommended by Mattoon and it comes with a hard-shell case. This guitar is a signature model that comes from the late ’70s. The output configuration is something you would love about it.

Ormsby Custom Shop Goliath 7- String:

The design of this guitar is very pretty, and this brand is one of the most popular brands in Australia. This has a few elements which are unique such as the highly detailed laser etched control plate, which you cannot find in any other guitar for sure. The body is made of Swamp Ash and chambered, the top part has a ziricote and the neck includes One-piece rock maple. It has 7 Strings along with scale length 25.5″ to 27.8″9 and the other parts are made of Ebony.

Gerard Gilet Map Resonator:

This electric guitar almost looks like from the ’90s. This one looks very pretty that you will fall in love with its look and it has single cone Resonator that is made of wood from Gerard Gilet. It has a slight woody tone and a bridge that is always on. This guitar sounds very nice and it doesn’t feel heavy at all rather it comes with a gig bag and it feels good to carry.

Shub DC-01:

This electric guitar looks very pretty, and it features 25″ scale and two featuring maple body and three pieces if maple neck. This was made in Melbourne and comes with 11-49’s and a hard case for protection. Australian made guitars will always be at the top and this particular guitar is popular for many reasons by Jon Shub who is basically a great maker of electric guitars. The color is dark blue and a part mixed with black and you would love to carry it wherever you go.

Harvester Antonio Hybrid Aluminum Neck:

Pretty black phase is applicable for this one, this one was built in 2016 by Harvester guitar in Melbourne. This company is quite popular in making electric guitars and they always maintain high quality. This one comes with a myrtle neck and Queensland maple body and of course, a hard case is included. It has a black yet gunmetal grey finish.

Thereason why Australian made guitars are very popular and will always get the love of guitarists because of the strings and sound. Though another reason is definitely the style and classy look they prefer using while making guitars. So, buy guitars, ring with strings, enjoy sweet music and be healthy from your mind and body as well.