Lightning Management in the Most Modern Manner

Lightning Management in the Most Modern Manner

Lighting is a very dangerous natural phenomenon, which can lead to severe damage. It is imperative that you protect yourself from lightning both yourself and your home.

Traditional System

The traditional lightning protection system consists of three elements: an air terminal, a down conductor and an earthing switch. Lightning rods are in the form of rods, cables and nets (mesh size 15 by 15 m or less). Modern houses are increasingly protected by mesh lightning rods. They do not violate the appearance of buildings and perform their functions perfectly. Down conductors (metal wire with a diameter of 5-6 mm) are removed from the air terminal, which is reliably welded to both the air terminal and the ground electrode.


The protection of the metal roof is the simplest and is carried out according to traditional technology with the installation of a steel pole at the highest point as an air terminal. But many have the question, can a metal roof itself be an air terminal. Maybe, but only on the condition that the thickness of the roofing sheet is about 4 mm. But the normal thickness of the average metal roof does not exceed 0.5 mm. With this thickness, lightning easily breaks through a sheet of metal. That is, the metal roof also needs to be equipped with special lightning rods.

  • The internal lightning protection system involves the protection of electrical and office equipment in the house from surge surges in the network that may occur during a thunderstorm. Overvoltage can occur even if there is no direct contact with the source of charge, but only under the influence of an electromagnetic field. The most vulnerable during a thunderstorm is computer equipment and other sensitive devices (televisions, refrigerators).

To protect against overvoltage in the network, they use complex multi-level systems developed by the leading world leaders in lightning protection. The basis of such systems is surge suppressors (surge arresters). The most common system for protecting private houses is a three-level system.

It consists of such elements:

– a three-level system for protecting power networks of devices and equipment

– protection of telecommunication networks and control circuits

– protection of computer networks

– a system for protecting radio-frequency and low-frequency inputs of equipment

All these components of the system, in turn, consist of elements that directly limit the impulses of the overvoltage and absorb the energy of these impulses. These elements: dischargers, varistors, protective diodes.

As a result of a lightning discharge, a high voltage pulse is generated in the LAN cable, which is trying to go into the ground.

A computer without lightning protection

Voltage arises such that a charge toward the earth destroys everything in its path.

A computer is a pretty delicate semiconductor device. As a result of the passage of the pulse, the network card, motherboard or power supply burns out. In any case, the computer crashes

How to protect your computer?

The following solution suggests itself:

It is necessary to pave the way for a thunderstorm impulse along which the charge, moving towards the ground, will bypass the computer.

The computer is protected by lightning protection

The whole difficulty is that the impulses from the thunderstorm are not constant, the impact can be expected of any polarity, the direction can be either to the ground or from the ground.

Moreover, side effects are constant when the in-phase pulse turns into an antiphase.

No less trouble brings and static stresses, breakdowns in power cables, power supply and other interference.

And you need to create a device that, at the lowest cost, struggled with all this and not only protected the computer but also provided access to the Internet without loss. Everything indicates that it is impossible to create such a device.