Great Choices for the Proper PSO Massage

Great Choices for the Proper PSO Massage

Surely most of you know the foam roller or foam roller, and indifferent videos, we have shown you how we can use it to relax the muscles of our whole body after the effort. This type of self-massage becomes a very good tool when it comes to recovering after training or as an active rest on our days off. The pso rite review will make it proper for you.

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The Option for Self Massage

Self- massage with a tennis ball applied to our feet has a similar function. It will help us both to relax the muscles of the foot by massaging the superficial plantar fascia and the muscles that are below and to improve its mobility and eliminate stiffness. This is how a self-massage is done on the foot with a tennis ball.

To do the most usual massage is to take a tennis ball or of a similar size because they are the ones we usually have at home, but we are also worth smaller balls or with a harder material, which will allow us to work the musculature of the foot to A slightly deeper level. In sports stores or online we can find different types of balls according to hardness, size and drawing.

In the following video, you can see, from the minute 02:50, a series of exercises that we can perform with the ball to relax the muscles of our feet.

A couple of important points to keep in mind when performing ball self-massage:

The weight of our body has to fall on the area that we are going to work: it is of little use to do the massage on the front of the foot if the weight of our body is on the heel. Properly calculate the weight to be placed on the ball, because it can be a bit painful.

  • Use slow and fluid movements: this type of work requires some time, it is not worth doing it quickly and running (so it may be a good idea to do it on our rest day). The slow movements also make it easier for us to look at the sensations we are having and to be aware of the muscles we are going through.
  • This type of self-massage is recommended for all types of athletes (not only runners but all who practice a sport can benefit from it) and also for sedentary people since it can simply help us relax the muscles and eliminate the sensation of legs tired
  • Self-massage at home never replaces a visit to the physical therapist, especially if there is a pain in any area of ​​the foot. It can serve as a complement, in fact, it is a good idea to ask your physio so that he or she gives you the necessary instructions to get a good self-massage.

The foam roller, also known as a foam roller or massage roller, is the tool used by athletes during training to avoid the risks related to the muscles under stress. The foam roller, however, can be an excellent solution for all those who make a sedentary life, perhaps sitting for many hours in front of the PC, to counteract the pains and muscular disorders related to an incorrect posture. Thanks to this fitness accessory, in fact, it is possible to do a self-massage, acting on the band that covers the muscles to dissolve any stiffness and contractures, even chronic type; In this way, one can improve posture and relieve muscle and joint pain in the home. In addition, in recent times, foam rollers are increasingly used to carry out targeted treatments against cellulite, directly at home and without maintaining the often prohibitive costs of the various beauty centers. In fact, it allows massaging the tissues and reactivating the circulation in those points of the body where the unsightly knots of cellulite and orange peel are formed.