Finer Values for the best Laser Quest Now

Finer Values for the best Laser Quest Now

Laser tag, the word consists of English Laser – laser, and Tag – label, mark a real sport of the twenty-first century: this was the slogan of one of the first companies producing equipment for this game. It combines the achievements of technology and the start of good physical activity. Today, laser tag is very popular as a sport and as a way of outdoor activities. For the laser quest  this is important as well.


The history of this sport began in the second half of the last century, and inspired the developers, as you might guess, the great work of George Lucas “Star Wars”. All of these blasters, the battle with the help of visible light it looked so cool on the screen that it would be almost sinful not to think about how to translate this from the screen into real life.

This is exactly what the American George Carter III, who also bears his second sonorous name, Mark Twain III, was concerned. In 1977, he invented a system called Photon. This game was quite technically cumbersome, but its main components are an indispensable part of the laser tag so far.

Manufacturers of equipment for entertainment and sports immediately realized what a bonanza was, and the industry began to develop rapidly. In addition, technological progress did not stand still, and the implementation of the main components of the receiving blaster and the blaster itself became more and more elegant and accurate, eliminating reading errors.

Already in 1979, the production of the first brought to mind game, Star Trek Phasers, began. Nevertheless, the technical refinement of engineering solutions and the preparation of the audience took some more time. The actual year of birth of mass demand for laser tag can be considered 1986: then the production of large batches of equipment began. The center of the initial development of this sport was, as you might guess, America.

At the moment, the laser tag game has many technical solutions for the game and the types, as well as carefully developed strategies for both single combat and team battles. All technical aspects are constantly improving, because tens of thousands of people around the world love the “laser light”, and the demand for it only increases every year. The century of “twenty-first-century sports” has already come.

Rules of the game

Before the start of the game, all participants gather at the site where they are given special equipment: a blaster and a vest, on which special sensors are fixed that record all “hits” from the aforementioned blaster. Then all the players are divided into teams to take their starting positions, and the game begins. Its goal is to “hit” the opponents of the opposing teams from the blaster as many times as possible, as well as inflict as many striking blows from the blasters as possible on the “base” of the opponents, which is often called AUL. AUL stands for “active maze device”. Those who win all this during the party more often than other rivals win. As you can see, the rules are similar to paintball and airsoft.

Laser tag pluses: Firing range

laser quest

A bunch of light doesn’t care how far the enemy is from you the main thing is that there is no obstacle between you. He reaches the goal almost instantly. In addition, it is not affected by wind and other weather conditions, you do not have to constantly take into account ballistics and other details, which become a serious obstacle for beginners who want to play something like paintball or airsoft.