Fantastic Spas & Hot Tubs in Essex

Fantastic Spas & Hot Tubs in Essex

Hot tubs are designed for relaxation and reduce pressure, so this will help to add the health benefits of the hot tubs of luck warm water. And it will give the rejuvenating massage jets. So people buy one hot tub that will give so many health benefits to our spa. In UK’s top retailers selling hot tubs since 1996. So that they are getting a lot of pride and reputations from the people and their customer service is also very nice to the people. They are very careful with their product so people can easily choose the right hot tub for them. Hot Tubs Essex designed a lot of varieties for the people. They are providing a lot of benefits that are warranty and supports to the people. They are having well trained and experienced member they will help us to give the best warranty and best service team.

In UK hot tubs gives a lot of warranties and they will provide a lot of warranty coverage. People can take their owner’s manuals for the advice of using their spa. The use of the hot tub spa is the best one. Because most of the people like to spend time to take a spa with the use of hot tubs.

Hot Tubs Essex

Variety of Hot Tubs:

The first variety is the Riptide infinity platinum series, this is the infinity platinum that is called infinity 360 platinum. This tub length is 200×200×82 cm and that tub can accept five persons. This tub can contain 870liters of water. This hot tub is 335kg dry weight and then 36 types of hydrotherapy jets are used.  Another one is infinity 560 platinum, that the length of the tub is  212×212×92cm and it can accept 5perssons and it contains 1340liters of water. The hot tub is 394kg in weight and it is used 43hydrotherapy jets.

The next one is the Riptide infinity Luxury series, this is considered as the luxuries one. This type of infinity luxury’s length is 200×200×82cm. It can accept five persons and then it contains 870 liters of water. This overall weight is 335kg and it is made up of 36 hydrotherapy jets. In this type, another variety is infinity 560 luxury. This length is 212×212×92cm it also accepts five persons alone. And this hot tub contains 1340 liters of water. And this tub weight is 394 kg and it is also made up of 43 hydrotherapy jets.

Another model is the Riptide starlight Platinum Series, first one is starlight platinum, which is starlight Eclipse Platinum. This hot tub length is 218×218×95cm this tub accepts six persons and the volume of the water is 1380 liters. And the overall weight of the tub is 437kg and it is also made up of 56 hydrotherapy jets. The next type is Riptide Tranquility Series which is relaxing in luxuries. And it is also a tranquillity series so it is called tranquillity esteem. This tub length is 212×212×92cm. it can accept five persons. And it contains 1300liters of water. The weight of the tub is 350 kg. and it is made up of 50 hydrotherapy jets in having five major variations. This is build of the latest innovative features and it is also made for easy and enjoyable to operate.