Automatic number plates recognition features and applications

Automatic number plates recognition features and applications

This ANPR software helps to find and eliminate the hard process of finding the manually recorded number of plates and the speeds of the cars about the limits. These can be identified very quickly and spontaneously. It is not easy for a person to identify the malpractice number plates without the help of artificial intelligence. The license plate recognition system  helps the traffic police to find criminals or lawbreakers. The real-time process of the automatic identification of the number of plate software helps to stop the rule-breakers to not repeat it more.

Applications of the ANPR software:

license plate recognition system

The ANPR software can be used in some of the major areas to prevent the violations these applications can help majorly to the government. Those areas are mentioned below,

  • Car parking area or management and controlling the access
  • Estates with industries
  • Entrances of the sites
  • Leisure
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial areas
  • Shopping areas
  • Golf or tennis clubs
  • Petrol stations
  • Waste managing areas
  • Partying sites [ex- clubbing places and pubs]
  • Logistic tracking
  • Vehicle tracking

This software gives an unsurpassed accuracy of its images and the data it holds with. The motion of the pictures or the single image will be very accurate even in the full motion. It gives the full graphical representation report with the pictures. This has reasonable cost values to set on the places for detection. The vehicles with sophistication or the driver database can be fully loaded into the software processing. This helps in major projects and the data that gets from this software is completely true and there will be no imaginary or created images that can be fixed with.

This has the basics of a single camera with inbuilt helps the users to find all the things with perfect nuances. The common ANPR software has the basic processor of intel core i5, the random access memory RAM of 8GB for storing the images, operating software is Windows7 or Linux, its hard disc is about 500 GB. The lens type is 4.0 mm to 5.8 mm, it has the automatic zooming or focusing process, it consists of an optical filter of IR cut enable or disable facility.

The image resolution is about 1920 of 1080, it has a minimum of 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second and the maximum is 120 frames per second. The shutter speed is 1 per hundred seconds. The LED type is about white and the infrared wavelength has 860mm. The software consists of intensity configurable of 3 modes they are

  • Low mode
  • Medium mode
  • High mode

It can be installed in vertical and horizontal angles the maximum view is 25 degrees for both. The detection range is about 2.8m to 20m it depends on the lens position. The speed of the detection is up to 180 km per hour. The detection types are single and the multiple lane method. It switches automatically between day and night. These are the features of the ANPR software by these it gives accurate images.