How to explore your welsh holiday

How to explore your welsh holiday

Tourism in Wales suffers from the same illness as many destinations in the world: being overshadowed by neighboring countries, in this case England, Scotland and Ireland. But those who look more closely at the map when planning a trip to Britain and have decided to include Wales in their roadmap have only to gain. So for the welsh activity holidays you need to know the followings.

A member of the United Kingdom, Wales is a country full of marvelous landscapes, both in the hilly interior and on the 2,700 km² coasts. Along with Ireland is one of the countries with the most castles of various types and telling many different stories.

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In addition, it is considered the friendliest and welcoming country in Britain. So, don’t leave Wales out of your travel around the region. Surely you will fall in love and will want to come back several times until you meet all the more than 20,000 km² of the country. Want to know more? See the sights and make a travel guide for Wales that is your face.

How much does travel for Europe cost?

Although there is much similarity between the cities of Wales and England, there are many quite different customs. Because of its Celtic origin, Wales has always maintained the customs and traditions of these people. So besides English, the Welsh language is one of the official languages of the country. There are many cities in the country with signs and even names in this difficult language.

Wales has a humid, windy climate and is generally cloudy. Summers are hot with temperatures as high as 35° C and cold, rainy winters, often below freezing. The best time to visit Wales is between May and August when the weather is sunny and dry. The currency of Wales is the pound sterling. To travel to Wales, as throughout the UK, Brazilians do not need a visa, only a valid passport.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Although small (has 350,000 inhabitants) and the newest capital in Europe (declared in 1955), Cardiff spills over Celtic traditions and culture. All of this mixed with the bustling cultural climate, with various events, bars, restaurants and many attractions that can be known on guided tours in Cardiff.

Among the city’s attractions is Cardiff Bay, home to the Wales Millennium Center, a space dedicated to culture. Its building has a futuristic facade and in it is the Welsh National Opera. Bute Park is one of 300 parks in the city. Its size is equivalent to 75 football fields, a mix of historic landscape, urban forests, sports fields, more than 3,000 cataloged tree species and a river that flows through the site.

Among the city’s main castles is Cardiff Castle, Cardiff’s most visited tourist spot. Castell Coch, a 19th-century Gothic building set in a higher part of the city amidst a forest and Caerphilly Castle, the second largest castle in the UK that was built between 1268 and 1271. It is a fantastic place surrounded by lakes and bridges.

Other Destinations in Wales

In the northern part of the country, just over 300 kilometers from Cardiff, is the walled city of Conwy. The city’s main tourist attraction is Conwy Castle, built on a rock in the 13th century by King Edward I. This day, the castle is considered one of the most important medieval buildings in Europe and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the Conwy tourist bus stops.