Easy Ways of Calculating Tip Amount

Easy Ways of Calculating Tip Amount

Tipping is a regular act in which the service persons will be paid for their kind and quality service. It is also an act of showing gratitude towards the persons and also helping them through the money. As most of the service persons will be paid very low for their work, the tip amount helps them in a significant manner to earn more money. Though the tip is not so compulsory, the amount will be given by the person only on their own interest of choice rather than any compulsions. The tip calculator  helps the people to generate the amount of tip accurately, even though there are as many shares in the total amount of the bill.

The easiest way to calculate the tipping amounts will be through the applications. Various applications are handier for finding out the tip amount from the entire amount of the bill. There will be occasions when the bill amount will be shared among the fellow persons who share the dinner. In these situations, the tip amount also can be equally shared by the people with the help of the applications. There are applications that give you a precise, detailed amount to be paid by every single individual to the service person and also to the hotel.

tip calculator

Plates by Splitwise is an excellent application in which the people can quickly get the amount of the tip and the hotel amount, which has to be paid. The app will be more useful for the people who share the amount of the bill among themselves before paying the amount. The application will give the exact amount including the tip amount for the individual. The application will give the result in three forms.

Mind Calculation

The tip amount can be also calculated in an easy way without having the applications. In case if the tip amount is 10% of the total amount bill, the calculation can be made through moving the decimal pointer of the bill amount to the left to find the tip amount. In case, if the tip amount of the service person is 20% then the decimal point has to be moved left side for a digit and then multiplied by two. Normally, the tip amount will be only between the percentages of 10% to 20%. Thus, the mind calculation becomes easier to find out the tip amount for the persons. Usually, the tip amount is an added amount given to the service people, not to the management. The amount will be given directly to the service persons.

There are hotels and restaurants which include the tip amount along with the total amount of the bill for gaining both the amounts by the management solely. Basically, the tipping act has been processed to enhance the servicemen and to respect their work and also to give them high pay through the tip. But in a few situations, the management is giving the tip amount to the service persons directly. In some cases, the tip is also considered illegal and also as an act of bribery.