Why You need to Be Sure of the Affiliate Marketing

Why You need to Be Sure of the Affiliate Marketing

If your visitor loves that one skirt and also buys it, you will receive a percentage of the purchase amount. If that happens often enough, you can shop again! How nice, the affiliate party for fashion bloggers. But how does affiliate marketing work ?

Although there are several large affiliate parties in the Netherlands, we recommend that you as a fashion blogger initially focus on the company. This party was by far the most clothing shops and brands connected. A small selection (incl. Amount of commission you get on the purchase amount):

  • NL (8%)
  • com (10%)
  • Omoda (8 to 16%)
  • Costes (14 to 17%)
  • The Sting (14%)
  • Esprit (5 to 8%)
  • Supertrash (7 to 9%)

How much choice do you have?

Looking for more parties? Among the latter, you will find the company, ​​among others, and it offers many opportunities par excellence.

Check out the possibility. This is a kind of overarching affiliate network where your links are automatically converted into affiliate links. Do you know how much time you save? we are a fan.

Highest commission the best? Never.

As you can see above, the committee can vary considerably. If you spend € 100 with Zalando you get € 8, but with The Sting, this is € 14 with the same purchase amount. However, do not be guided solely by the commission percentage. A higher percentage does not necessarily mean that you earn more. Other factors also play a role.

how does affiliate marketing work

What is the cookie time of the campaign?

Each advertiser uses its own cookie time. On average this is 30 days. What does this mean? The moment your visitor clicks to the webshop that you ‘promote’, a cookie is placed. Every purchase in the following days is then still yours. So you don’t have to buy anything right away! The longer this duration, the greater the chance that further sales will result.

What is the conversion opportunity?

If your visitor makes a purchase at one of the webshops to which you are affiliated, we speak of conversion. How big this chance depends on many factors, but you can imagine that with a webshop you have a better chance of success. Because even if it is not exactly that dress that you put in the spotlight if they buy something else, you also get money on it. With a smaller webshop like Mango (with a less wide assortment, because one brand) that chance is simply smaller.

How well does your selection meet the wishes of your target group? Know your visitors and test with items of clothing. Eventually, you will notice where your visitors prefer to make their purchases and you will pay more attention to that. Even though this webshop gives a lower commission, in the long term it will yield more.

Be creative

Do you like to make (extra) money in this way with your blog? Then sign up immediately and get started. Do you still find it hard to think about how you can integrate this into your articles, we will give you some examples? You can need the best deals here and that is the reason you can find the perfect options. The right demands are made there.