What kind of Use You Can Have with the Metal Signs

What kind of Use You Can Have with the Metal Signs

Advertisements in newspapers, banners on the internet, commercials on TV and radio, flyers at home, newsletters the world of advertising is truly immense. Among all these effective promotional tools there is also advertising signage. Salina Pubblicità designs advertising signs of any type, from roadside signs to directional totems, from indoor and outdoor billboards to promotional banners. Do not underestimate the importance of advertising signs, it is a very effective and above all transversal tool, that is, it influences a very varied audience, potentially interested in your proposals. Using metal signs is a very important factor there.

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Contacting the right Company

Contact the company to find out more, to get practical advice on your promotional campaign, to evaluate the different tools you have available and to choose the best vehicle. How to make a sign to be installed near the road? How instead to design a billboard to hang on the sports hall of the country? Or again,

  • The time we spend in the car between one trip and another constitutes most of the inactive time that an individual experience during the day.
  • Large companies are aware of this and take full advantage of the opportunity to bombard your senses with powerful messages on the posters.

How to measure the effectiveness of posters by posting

A professional outdoor advertising company can easily calculate the number of people reached. The reach of the poster will be vehicular and pedestrian traffic which will pass from a clear point of view of the poster at any time. And with more precise calculations, it will also be possible to calculate the demographic composition of the whole territory.

  • The unit of measurement most used to calculate the effectiveness of the posters is the Daily Circulation Effective – DEC (Effective Daily Circulation). DEC allows calculating the number of vehicles and pedestrians that pass near a specific billboard.
  • EOI, on the other hand, is a new method for determining the extent of a poster’s advertisement. It can be said that EOI – Eyes on Impressions is more punctual than DEC.
  • DEC counts the number of cars that pass on the total hours in which the advertising poster is visible.
  • EOI, on the other hand, also takes into consideration the size of the billboard, the age of people in the cars, income, education, etc.
  • The EOI count will be lower but also more accurate when you compare it to your DEC score.
  • DEC, in fact, does not deduct from the total the people who do not see or who are not potentially interested in the advertising billboard.

If you are interested in a precise but not in-depth calculation of the people reached by the manifesto, then DEC is your method of calculating. But if you need to know the composition and specifications of the intercepted audience, then EOI is your way.

Maximize effectiveness with strategic positions

The definition of the position of the billboards is fundamental. You need to determine right away who will be most attracted to your product or service. Once you have decided, make a calculation of the people in the area who will potentially be attracted to the sign. Finally, consider whether the positions you have chosen will be effective in achieving your goals.

Last Words

The billboards, from the small 70 × 100 to the largest 6 × 3 “Cuban” billboard only if you have chosen their position correctly and strategically. So if you want a concrete return you will have to place them in suitable positions to intercept your audience or target. If you are not sure, let yourself be advised by professional customer service.