What is The process of removing ads on web browsers?

What is The process of removing ads on web browsers?

People are effective in the current internet trends especially in all the areas of respect. As we all know that installation of different software’s regarding technicality or otherwise it might be of any type. For example, it includes installation of respective web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Added by to get rid of unusual virus attacks, this antivirus software’s are installed in your pc or mobile and Android devices. Popularly, people use Adblocker Chrome now a days’ on their pc or desktop. Apart from all this, there are browser extensions which help in keeping your browser active and effective. In this scenario, we all come across unusual ads in playing of videos, songs, movies or it might be technical as well. To eradicate the interruption of this unusual and unnecessary ads, there is a browser extension is introduced by developers namely ad blockers. Currently, people are using ad blocker plus an extended version of ad blockers.


Key features;

Adblocker Chrome


Actually, these ad blockers help in removing out ads in the meanwhile of playing videos and all. It essentially works out well on pop-ups appeared on some websites. In fact, there is a chance of hacking your browser by clicking their infected and videos. This is the reason why developers introduced this extension preferably. This type of browser extension is occupied with great fame and name among the people today due to its free availability. You can simply download it from any of the legitimate ad blocker websites and install in your browser.


The procedure of removing ads and its essence:


Let’s proceed with the process of removing ads using this browser extension of ad block;


  • Here firstly you need to install this browser extension. Click the link available on your browser say Google chrome for installation. If it is not successful, you can also try for installing ad-block plus extension as well. But the key advantage of installing ad blocks is dependent on donations to run successfully in your browser and it is allowing all their users to install it for free. But by default, action, this extension may block all the ads that come and goes around.
  • Correspondingly there is an icon appeared on the right corner of chrome browser at the address It looks like an octagon with red color. Click on it for accessing out controls. So that you can notice that there will be an icon which states that the number of ads got disabled on your browser clearly. You may quickly disable it using ‘show on ad block button’
  • Once you install this extension, your unnecessary ads that actually come and go will get disabled or blocked immediately. For suppose, if you notice any of the ads that does not get blocked, you may block it immediately. It’s like; just click on the right side at ‘click the ad and choose ad block and then click on the block this ad quickly.
  • You can also get back your blocked ads as well using this browser extension only. Just click on ‘pause ad block’ icon for turning off the extension till you enable the icon for blocking again.


Conclusion: Hence there will be both enabling and disabling of ads got possible today using an effective and useful ad blocker browser extension.