Trapping types and its methods for preserve

Trapping types and its methods for preserve

Fishing , there is a different method of fishing which includes

  • Netting
  • Angling
  • Trapping
  • Spearfishing
  • Hand gathering.

In this article, we used to know about Fishing and its types.

Hand gathering

It is the way to catch the seafood which is in a minimal way by using hands. The easy hand gathering seafood are crabs. There are different types of hand gathering they are flounder tramping, noodling, pearl divers, trout binning, trout tickling.

Flounder tramping

It is first used in the village of Scottish. They used to catch the fish in every month of August as they found the championship based on tramping. This is one of the methods of hand gathering.



It has been practiced in the states of the US and as well as held mostly in the South sides of the United States. In this method the person whoever used to catch the fish by this method, they used to call them as Noodler. The noodle leaves his hand in the hole of catfish. If the catfish arrives the noodle used to catch the fish by his hands. This may lead to making an injury in his hands.

Pearl divers

The divers used to catch the oysters which are also seafood. The divers used to dive in the sea up to the depth of thirty meters long to catch the oysters.  Nowadays the pearl divers used to catch abalone and lobster by their hands

Trout binning

This is the method used to take trout. The trout mostly used to hold in rocks as well as in rocky steam which is held with a sledgehammer. This force more and more fishes.

Trout tickling

This method is used in the British Isles, they also used to give practice for catching trout with the help of his hand. This art is mentioned in Shakespeare’s play several times. These are the methods of hand gathering which is used to catch the seafoods like fishes, lobster, crabs, oysters etc..,


It is an ancient method of fishing which is a specialized variety of trident, arrow which is also called eel spear, harpoon. These type of fishing persons used to call as spears. The fishing spears will catch the fishes using slings or by using loops which are made of rubber. The methods of spearfishing are bow fishing, gigging, Hawaiian slings, harpoons, pike pole fishing pole spears, modern spearguns, tridents


Which are called as three pronged spears. They are also used as gigs or leisters. They formally used as a weapon for military purposes.

Modern spearguns

Which is discontinued for shallow waters. it is more efficient, the underwater breathing divers used to catch the fishes as they have to dive at longer periods of time for nearly four minutes.


The harpoons are mostly spread in the times of Palaeolithic .which has coverage of art in Southern France.

Hawaiian slings

They have a separate sling which is from the spear. These fish catchers used to catch the fish by using an arrow and bow in deep sea waters.

Bow fishing

They use the bow and arrow from the above shallow water. This is an ancient method that tribespeople used.