The Mix of Detergents and Skill: The Perfect Cleaning for You

The Mix of Detergents and Skill: The Perfect Cleaning for You

The field of activity of the company is the production of cleaning products of the modern generation, without which professional cleaning of premises cannot do. The chemical composition of products includes only safe substances and raw materials from proven manufacturers, which meets high environmental standards and does not harm the human body.

Professional detergent is a real tool in the hands of those who specialize in cleaning. Such products are presented in the catalog in a wide range and allows for a comprehensive cleaning of the premises. You will be able to clean the complex contamination of flooring, sanitary zones, with mirrors and textiles, remove persistent and specific stains, neutralize extraneous odors. If you are looking for the best service for such cleaning in the domestic or industrial sectors, then it is for sure that you will be needing the help of .


The main advantages of our company are the effectiveness of AVUAR detergents, a wide range of products, innovations, the rapid pace of growth and development of the company.


You can count on our help! The task of our specialists is to help your business every day.


Deliveries are carried out quickly as with the company transport, transport companies as well as through 3PL providers. The logistics department responds promptly and ensures that the delivery is carried out in a certain period.


The company provide full customer support. Our technologists will answer any question on the use of detergents, will teach cleaning technologies, will arrive at the facility and help you cope with any task of removing contaminants. And one more important moment if a specific task has been set, but in our wide range there is no means to solve it, our technologists will quickly invent it.


This is the superiority of the company is a balanced combination of price and quality. The company products can completely replace both imported and domestic counterparts and satisfy all the needs of any institution.


The company products developed in the company’s own laboratory successfully break the false stereotype about the poor quality of domestic chemistry. All products are manufactured in accordance with State Standards and the latest environmental requirements, and quality control is carried out at all stages of production.

  • It’s profitable. The company produces detergents that have all the necessary certificates, while providing affordable prices for goods.
  • It’s comfortable. Chemistry for cleaning is presented in a wide range on the site. You can get advice from our managers who will help you choose the best option.
  • It is high quality and efficient. Any room will shine clean if you use our detergent, regardless of whether you are cleaning the apartment, private house, office or industrial facility.

Where to order quality products?

Products for professional use will help you make cleaning quick and efficient. If you often encounter various types of pollution, our products will become an indispensable tool for your work and everyday needs. The company offers to buy professional chemicals for high quality cleaning.