The interesting reason behind the logo of BMW

The interesting reason behind the logo of BMW

The name BMW came from the abbreviation of Bayerische Motoren Werke. BMW gots its name at the year of 1917. Before that, it was known as Rapp. BMW service is now done in every part of the world. Rapp is a german company that was used to make aircraft engines. Fapp was one of the suppliers of aircraft engines to the german empire at the times of world war. After the world war ended there was a treaty signed up saying that Germany should not produce any aircraft engines for some time. So that the production of aircraft engines became very low. This resulted in Rapp switching from the production of aircraft engines to the production of build-in engines and rail brakes. In 1916, there was a company known as Otto which was also producing aircraft engines. This company went bankrupt in the year of 1916. To repair its name, it changed its name to BFW. Following Otto changing its name to BFW, Rapp also changed its name to BMW. BMW is known as Bayerische Motoren Werke.

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At the year of 1920, BWM became public. That is, it came into stock operation. And it succeeds really well. So, a berlin-based company called knorr bought most of the shares of BMW and integrated BMW to their company. After integrating, this company then changed its headquarters to Munich.

Camilo was the ie who invested a lot into BMW. So in the year, he bought all the BMW’s share. The interesting fact is that he bought the company totally, that is along with the products and the employees.

Coming to the point of the logo, when BMW was first launched it had no logo at all. BMW was first launched and registered officially as BMW at the year of 1917. Even the ad that was released for BMW did not bear any logo at all. Even though, the main motto behind the origin of Rapp and then BMW was to produce an engine for the aircraft. But then, it became an accumulative automobile production. It then started producing engines for automobiles, agriculture, and even for boats.

In the early days, the logo did not mean a lot. Actually, BMW had no end customers to attract to put a glamorous logo. It was a production-based company for engines. So it did not have a need to actually have an attractive logo. It also worked in the production and maintenance of the air crafts for the german air force.

The first logo of the young form BMW was in the year in 1917 in the month of Oct. The first BMW logo which was registered actually represented the old logo of rapp. The outer ring was bordered by golden loans and in the middle, they were lettered by BMW.

The home state of BMW is Bovario. Bavaria is also mentioned inside the logo of the BMW. The blue and white colors of the BMW car are the state colors of its home state Bavaria. But the thing is the colors of the state are inverted inside the logo this is because of the trademark issue during these times.