The Finer Choices for the Use of the Metal Signs: The Best Look

The Finer Choices for the Use of the Metal Signs: The Best Look

The warm season arrives, and with it tourism in our beautiful beaches. Just think that, in Romagna alone, over 20 million people flock to the coast. For many, summer represents a period of relaxation, rest and an opportunity to recharge their batteries, but for a company, it can be a way of making itself known. Like? Simple, with advertising on rigid supports: advertising Metal Signs .

In general, the rigid supports on the bathing establishments are used for information boards, such as bathing regulations or menus for bars and restaurants in the area. Let’s see them in detail.

Bathing regulations

You can find them both in text format and as simple, more intuitive infographics. There is one detail to consider: the smoking ban. It seems obvious, but this restriction will be more severe, with the extension on the Italian territory starting from this summer. This is why it is essential for beach managers to get informed as soon as possible and to organize themselves to commission the printing of these notices.

Print of menus of bars and restaurants

You are a classic. Have you ever noticed that in the vast majority of cases the menus of bars and restaurants on the beach are always external and clearly visible? This is because, generally, the tables are outside, perhaps in a gazebo to protect customers from the sun.

Metal Signs

Our advice for advertising signs

In both cases mentioned above, we have seen how panel prints are always external.

The best materials

Of course, the materials used for the purpose, such as forex, aluminum, PVC, polionda and Dibond, are suitable not only for interiors but also for exteriors. It is too bad that sometimes this is not enough. We mean that if the panels or advertising signs are all years round outside, it is right to adjust accordingly, since an entire season, under the scorching August sun, could even deform them, whether they are prints on forex or prints on PVC. This is why it is a good rule to use panels that have a certain thickness and/or size. It is advisable to avoid a thickness of only 3 millimeters. In fact, if you notice, the signs in the picture above are 5 millimeters thick.

The quality of the photographic print

It is also fundamental to rely on expert companies in the sector, who focus their efforts not only on price competitiveness but also on the quality of the materials as well as the print itself. The photographic print on the panel must also be made with resistant inks, suitable for contrasting temperatures, both high and low, ideal if it is digital printing.

As screen printing that works with digital, we can offer you tailor-made solutions for your advertising. We also inform you that we are introducing a new product that may be right for you: the bubble guard.

We are very proud of this product because it has numerous advantages:

  • Green (100% recyclable)
  • Waterproof
  • Flame retardant
  • UV and FR protection
  • Corona treatment

For direct printing and for pre-printed adhesives

If you are interested in this type of solution, contact us by email, but also if you want to know more about all the material suitable for signage for bathing establishments (printing on rigid supports) . Our team of graphic designers and marketers will guide you in the right visual choice.