The Correct Solutions for the best archery tag Singapore

The Correct Solutions for the best archery tag Singapore

We can say that there are two initial steps for good anchoring. The positioning of your feet and the positioning of your head is in relation to the shoulder. It is eminently important that my head is straight so that when you turn it towards the target it does not tilt. Each change in your head posture will influence your anchorage and therefore influence your shot. At the time of training, you will see there are several possibilities for anchoring the bow and several errors that should be avoided. There are three possible ways of anchoring. In all of them, the tip of the nose is the initial reference. Go for the archery tag singapore now.

In posture 1:  we have a central anchorage

In this case, the archer aligns the rope in the middle of the nose and the hand in the center of the chin. This is an anchorage widely used by Koreans Olympic and world champions. This anchoring can be done especially when you have long pull long arms.

In posture 2: we have a slightly lateral anchorage

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Widely used by male archers. Again the nose is the first reference, and then the hand adjusts laterally on the chin.

And finally, we have posture 3: A lateral anchorage.

It is an anchorage used by those who use a kisser. Kisser is a plastic that is attached to the rope to help as a reference. All three anchors are valid and will depend on the archer.

The classic error of a low anchorage

In this case, the arrow ends uprising and reaching the target above the desired.

  • You have the case of a high anchorage. In this case, the arrow ends up hitting the lowest target.
  • You have the case where the archer does not use his nose as a reference. This makes shooting difficult.

In all these cases, anchoring is not conducive because it is difficult to repeat over and over again in the same way. And since every change in posture will change my shot, it is obvious that such mistakes should be avoided. You have an anchorage used by people who want to have a greater pull than the length of the arm itself. This anchoring is not recommended because the position on the side of the eye is very difficult to control. It is difficult to know exactly where the rope is.

How does the crosshair work?

Before we can hit the crosshairs it is important to have the right material, it is important to have the right arrows with the right spine for the power of the arch. Assuming that your bow is in perfect condition and your arrows are adequate, we will analyze the possible mistakes that could be made in anchoring.

In order to aim well, we need two references, a horizontal line and a vertical line. Joining these two references we have the center. Therefore, a shot is always two-dimensional height x width. The horizontal reference, the one that gives me laterality is achieved by keeping the rope always at the tip of the nose. This way the distance between my eye and the rope will always be the same.

Once you have the nose as a reference point, when you pull the rope and keep the aim on the target, you position the shadow of the rope at a fixed point on the hoop of the bow next to the aim. And in each shot, you use the same references.