Smartest Solutions for the Home Improvement Now

Smartest Solutions for the Home Improvement Now

Organization and order do not consist so much in finding a new location for objects, but in giving them the right living space. Here’s how to do it, with the advice of the professionals. Visit our website to know more about this.

A quarter of free space and 15 minutes a day of reorganization. Not that they are enough for a perfect home, but they are the basis of a good organization together with some other advice that is found well-known architects who deal with the house and life in general because there are not only rooms but also diaries and bags. But first, it is better to tidy up at home.

What Not To Do

Furniture is not hiding places. We place objects that are clean and arranged so that they can be easily found and used often. Hence the main point to remember, the wardrobe is not a sarcophagus. The bed is not a kennel. It should be redone every morning, so it will be the first task of the day completed. It follows that the bathroom is not a closet, and the kitchen is not a canteen.

The Fundamentals

The fish stinks from the head, and the errors at home can be seen immediately: from the entrance. It’s the point where we spend more time looking for keys and more. Real luxury is a small hallway equipped in every part. Even the old wall-mounted coat hangers fulfilled these functions in part, but most likely a targeted tour in a low-cost contemporary furniture store can help us find custom-made cabinets and boards for the spaces we have available.

The Entry

Things must be arranged according to type and usage consistency. Organization and order do not consist so much in finding a new location for objects, but in giving them the right living space. Neatly arranging a closet, very soon we will have a messy closet because the search for a finished garment behind all the others, for example, becomes the first step to create new turmoil. The principle is everything in its place, and a place for everything is correct but reductive. We will have our best result when we are able to decide which things are worth finding the most functional place possible.



If you call it what it is because it is supposed that on its shelves there are books and no other furnishings via favors, toys, knick-knacks, children’s jobs. However, if you have little space and the library has more functions, it is good to separate the books from the ornaments, especially those made of glass and crystal.

Once the label has been placed, the order is respected

A box locked in a drawer is a closed box in the memory. If we use non-transparent closed containers, it becomes essential to write down what they contain.

Stone, Paper, Scissors

We do not put paper and other materials in the same drawer. In addition, as far as possible, we have documents, insurance, guarantees and sheets in general in vertical binders and all objects in common use in containers side by side, horizontal or vertical depending on the shape. If they are stacked, we make them easily removable and then replaceable. It is essential to avoid the domino effect.