SEO works on the Right Note Now

SEO works on the Right Note Now

With these simple and quick tips, you will at least have the basic search engine optimization in place. With the wealthy affiliate you can find the best choices.

Use the right keywords

Of course, your page should be optimized against the keywords that are relevant to you. So spend some time finding those words. Ask your customers what words and phrases they use when searching and talking to others about your products and services.

Good content is everything in SEO

There are so many reasons to produce good and relevant high-quality content. Search engine optimization is one of them. Nothing is better for your search engine ranking than interesting and relevant content. And there is a very natural and completely understandable reason for this: You will be most satisfied with your search and thus the search engine’s efforts if it leads you to a website that thoroughly and correctly answers what you asked for.

Use telling and descriptive headings

You had me at hello is exactly the effect the headline in your SEO text should have. The headline determines whether people read on in your text or bang on the door. In addition, H tags are important to your headlines. They help the search engines understand what your website is all about and thus you are more likely to be rewarded with valuable rankings.

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The H1 tag tells the search engines that this is the most important headline on your page. Of course, this is the tag you start with and preferably only one h1 tag on each page and of course, the h1 tag should be relevant to keywords and content.

Subheadings from h2 and down can then be added. Just make sure you keep the hierarchy. That way, you help the search engines who understand the text best if it is hierarchically divided. Without headings and “h-tags,” Google will find your page less user-friendly than pages with headlines and h-tags. And thus rank your page lower.

Optimize your page titles and Meta descriptions

Therefore, always try to include your keyword in both the page title and Meta description. In addition, the eye catches like ✔ and ➙ are good at separating your result from the others on the page. And then it is an advantage to include what makes you unique. Why is it that the user should choose to click on your link, not the competitor?

Optimize your images

Like your text, the image should be relevant to the rest of the content. It may sound trivial, but it is important for both the users and the SEO. Name the image correctly. By giving your image a title that matches the subject in the image, you can tell Google what’s in the image without Google having to “see” the image.

For both the users and the SEO, it is essential to reduce the file size of the images the smaller the better. It is always a balancing act to achieve a small file size and a high quality at the same time. You have to decide for yourself what the trade-off should be. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can be of great help if you are not a shark for Photoshop.