Movies to see absolutely: tips for all tastes

Movies to see absolutely: tips for all tastes

Whether it’s winter or summer, it does not matter: for many of us there is nothing better than getting comfortable and watching a good movie , an overwhelming film that keeps us company for at least a couple of hours. Romantics, thrillers, thrillers, and horror, and fantasy, comedies: the genres are so many and each of us is really spoiled for choice. Moreover, if until some time ago it was necessary to buy or rent DVDs (and even before videotapes!), Now there are streaming platforms like Netflix and Infinity that allow us to choose from hundreds of films without having to move from home. You want to spend a quiet evening but you do not know which film to choose? Or are you organizing a special evening? Or again, do you want advice on films to see in the company of your friends? In any case, in the free movies site you will find all the movies you need; keep watching!

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Movies to see: the list by genres

First of all, you need to understand what kind of film is suitable for the evening you are organizing. Of course if you are not daring we advise you to see a horror movie alone, while if your friends get bored with action movies then it is better to give up this option. Evaluate the situation well and choose the kind of film that suits you the moment. Regarding the titles we take care of ourselves, with a lot of review and comment:

  • Science Fiction Movies: our advice on the best science fiction films to see alone or company.
  • Horror movies: the best ever: a chilling evening? Then you cannot absolutely miss our tips!
  • Film of love: the great classics: if you are incurable romantic or look for a beautiful film to watch with your sweet half do not lose our list.
  • Crime movies to see: for those who want to spend a couple of hours between suspense and scene strikes.
  • Action films: best to look at: are you looking for more animated plots? So it takes a good action movie.
  • Funny movies not to be missed: if you prefer to have four laughs, discover which the best funny comedies in our opinion are.
  • Classic films to see: often you want to look at a nice classic; here are the best in our opinion.
  • Adventure films: the best ones to see: for those who want to keep their eyes glued to the screen until the end.
  • Fantasy films: 9 titles not to be missed: the desire to travel with fantasy? So look for the fantasy movie that you like in this list.

Movies to see, ideas and advice

Have you got an idea or do you still have any doubts? Remember that if you intend to see a  film in company,  the decision is up to everyone, otherwise you risk fighting and not to conclude anything. In addition, you need to pay attention not only to the genre, but also to the plot: if you need to spend a few hours in lightness then you have to opt for a light film, while if you want to work your brain then you can decide for a more challenging film.