Location and its specifications of the ring.

Location and its specifications of the ring.

A ring is a band adapted to the finger and some of the body’s specifications such as the neck, ear, arm, toe, etc.… The ring is snugly fit, which is also around the body, but in loosely fit is formed as a bracelet. The materials like wood, glass, stone, bone, etc.… in which the exotic wood wedding rings are used to make. And they set it with sapphire, ruby, diamond, etc…


Each finger represents the symbolic meaning or association in which they varied with the culture and lost through antiquity. The ring finger or fourth digit in the left hand is customary to wear the engagement, wedding. In some countries, the fingers of the right hand are used. This is practiced in the period of the second world war. The fourth finger in the left hand is known as the ring finger as the vein is directly connected to the heart (vein of love). This thought has been published in vogue between the sixteenth to the seventeenth century in place of England. These thoughts come to know because of Henry Swinburne, who has referred for his marriage, then it has been published to many places, then they also used to follow the instructions for the ring.

exotic wood wedding rings

The rings are repurposed as necklaces and as well as bracelets. Signet ring ( a traditional one ) used to wear in left little or Pinky finger. The birthstone ring should be worn in the right hand of the first finger, which indicates the day and month in which the person has born. Thumb rings are used to wear in thumb fingers, which is used to protect a thumb from causing injuries due to launching an arrow; these are the archer’s signature. The Amulet rings are significant, which is used for many purposes such as protection, augmenting to attribute like status, confidence, wisdom, etc.. they can use this type of ring in any fingers, which depends on the design of the ring or inset of stone attributes. These amulet rings, in sure fingers, provide personal power. Many of the people used to wear in fingers which they fit.


There are many specifications in-ring, which is followed in vast. They are

Engineers ring -this type of ring is worn by Canadian and American engineers, who swear an engineer’s oath. This is made up of iron; now, modern rings tend to be in silver. The engineering ring is associated with Rudyard Kipling.

Memento mori ring: It is used to remember the person’s death and combine it with many features.

Mother’s ring – Mother’s ring is used to wear by the mother, which is used to display the birthstone of her children; this includes father and mother.

Pre-engagement ring: The pre-engagement rings are used to promise the partner not to choose anyone, sayings of only I am your partner.

Multi-finger Ring: They used to wear in two or more than two fingers, which is said to be popular in hip hop culture.

Technology ring – this is used to wear by the technicians in place of Canada. Like an iron ring. These are the specifications of the ring.