Galapagos Islands tours for fun and excitement

Galapagos Islands tours for fun and excitement

Have you ever had been to Galapagos? Then you definitely go and visit galapagos islands tours . Here there is wonderful climate waiting for its visitors and tourists throughout the year with its glamourous beauty all over. The year is segregated on the basis of the conditions of the climate and is distinguished as the dry and the warm season. You have the midday showers and the blue skies in the dry season and the rains with cloudier skies in the warm season. It’s awful, right? Yes, it is. You can find out the sea mammals in the islands and also the land birds over there. They will be active in the dry seasons and there are a number of courtships displays for the sea bird.

The term between the December to May is warm and from June to December is the dry seasons. Here if you consider about the rainfall, it is sixty to a hundred mm in the lower regions and the temperature of the air will be varying between twenty-one to twenty-nine degrees Celsius. The climate of the island of the Galapagos is determined by the currents of the ocean. A climatic change which is the sudden one is caused, and this is due to the El Nino and this can be the overwhelming or destructive and as many as the sea lions of almost fifty percent and also the marine iguanas could be found dead during this part of the time.

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The weather conditions

The three oceanic currents which are the major ones will be bringing an extraordinary mix of the life which is marine to this island that is the Galapagos. These islands are located in the tropics and the microclimate of the island is dry. But during the season which is cool, the current which is called as the Humboldt current will be bringing cold water relatively which will be producing the thermal inversions which will be impeding rainfall. There is a fine mist at this point of time and it is named as the garua and this is moist air and is cool, which is just above the water which will be meeting the air’s higher layer of which it will be in turn warmed by the sun which is so hot.


El Nino can be explained as the phenomenon which will be occurring roughly for every five to seven years. The trade of the southeast winds will slacken, and this is the reason that the temperatures of the sea will be rising dramatically and will cause heavy rainfall and storms. So, if you are on tour, there are sites to visit. They are the Los Gemelos which are the pit craters and are two in number like the twins and these are formed when the empty chambers of the magma are collapsed. Another is the Alcedo volcano on the island of Isabela and this has the population of the tortoise which is the largest and this is one and only volcano which visitors have the permission and the ability to climb