Documents about earned income in Home Loan

Documents about earned income in Home Loan

These are the documents that confirm the employment of the borrower and the amount of income he receives. Depending on the type of employment, these documents will not be the same. In the case of a contract of employment, it is necessary to fill in the employment certificate and the amount of income received by the borrower. You need to รี ไฟแนนซ์ บ้าน ไม่ ผ่าน

รี ไฟแนนซ์ บ้าน ไม่ ผ่าน

Often, you must additionally attach a personal account statement for the last 3 months, where the remuneration is visible. Some banks, apart from the mentioned documents, oblige the borrower to provide, for example, a credit card statement, an annual tax return or a work certificate. This depends on the individual procedures and requirements of a specific bank.

When the borrower’s income is earned from running a business, the bank requires slightly different documents from the borrower. They are:

  • The decision to assign Tax Identification Number
  • A certificate of entry in the business activity register or another document that certifies the fact of running a business
  • A certificate from the Tax Office about not being able to pay taxes
  • A certificate from the Social Insurance Institution on non-payment of contributions
  • PIT declarations for the previous year.

In addition, the person applying for a housing loan must provide the bank documents that make it possible to determine the income this year. They vary depending on how you settle accounts with the Tax Office.

Natural persons conducting economic activity and accounting with the Tax Office on general terms, are obliged to present the revenue and expense ledger to the tax bank.

Persons settling with the Tax Office on a lump sum basis from registered revenues are obliged to provide the bank with a statement on the amount of income in the current year and a revenue record showing the revenues earned in the current year. In addition, some banks require the inclusion of an extract from the company’s current account.

Those who run their business settle with the Tax Office on the basis of a tax card must provide the bank with the current decision of the Tax Office specifying the amount of tax in the form of a tax card.

When the borrower’s income is earned on account of a specific contract or mandate contract, the bank also requires a copy of contracts for the last 12 months together with invoices and PIT tax returns, at least for the last year. Sometimes it is also necessary to attach a bank account statement.

Documents regarding real estate

These documents are extremely important as they relate directly to the subject of lending and loan security. They will be different with real estate purchased on the primary market, and others if on the secondary market.

Documents regarding other financial obligations

In a situation where we have permanent financial liabilities e.g. due to another loan, which we still pay or pay off recently, the bank will require us to submit a copy of contracts, evidence of recent payments or a bank certificate to make a full repayment commitment. This also applies to credit cards and revolving limits on the current account.