Decalogue to save electricity at home

Decalogue to save electricity at home

Do not set the air conditioner even at 40? Looking for offers in other marketers? It is easier than that! Follow these basic rules to control your consumption and save electricity at home. Many times we commit those little sins that have made the bill more expensive at the end of the year.  Some tips you will find basic, but they are the ones that really give more results. With perfect Electricity Plans the whole process can be perfect.

Adjust your light contract above all

You know, it is the first step before investing in other forms of savings. Check that you have the right power, and that the rate you hire is the one that suits you for example, flat light rates are not suitable for anyone.

According to study through the Savings Calculator, experts have detected that 82% of households are entitled to a Hourly Discrimination rate. If you still do not have it, analyze your consumption to find out if you are interested.

Change conventional bulbs to LED

Years ago that LED bulbs and lamps hit the market. Although at first they were somewhat expensive, they have currently lowered their price and are an even more profitable investment. To give you an idea, they last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs and consume 80% less energy. In summary, LEDs are key to saving energy at home.

Do not allow stand-by

Another way to save on electricity at home is to eliminate the stand by. Avoid turning off the TV from the remote or leaving the computer at rest if you are not going to spend it right away. Most appliances have this option and make silent energy expenditure. How to fight it disconnecting the devices completely when we are not going to use them? Only the stand by accounts is for 10% of household consumption. Use LEDS bulbs, remove the stand by, and insulate your home well, a Decalogue to save electricity at home.

Always control the temperature

It is not the same to use cold water as hot when putting the washing machine. Using a suitable temperature with your appliances can help you save electricity at home. Watch the temperature of:

Washing machine: Cold cycles help you save on light and consume up to 30% less.

Refrigerator:  Adapt the temperature of your refrigerator to the time of the year. In winter you don’t need it to be so cold. In addition, some refrigerators have the vacation option reducing their consumption if you are going to be away for a few days.

Water heater and shower: In many cases it is not necessary to have the heater always running. If you usually take a shower at the same time, you can use programmers in the heater plug, they are very economical, and you cannot worry about turning it on and off.

Air conditioner: Remember your comfort temperature. Ideally, keep the air between 22-25º in summer and between 20-23º in winter.

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Insulate your home properly

There are many elements that influence the insulation of your home: windows, curtains, awnings, blinds, walls. What is clear is that you can save between 8 and up to 30% of energy. In the end it will depend on the building and on each particular home.