Coins touched by our ancestors

Coins touched by our ancestors

Ancestor money is just paper. It is called as a hell note, Joss paper, spirit money, ghost money, and Ancestor money. China has used as a traditional. In the front of ancestor money, the picture was known as Jada emperor. It will help our ancestors to go to heaven. There was another one when we burn our ancestor money that our soul negative thought, karma can go out of our soul. It is the thing that how can we deal with death and the afterlife. We can also research Ancestor money.

Jada emperor  

Ancestor money

He rules the heaven and every other Chinese pantheon. He is the assistant of all things. During his inter-day, he was called Yuhuang Shangdi. He rules the heaven and earth he sent some god to inspect piety and a mortal home if the people wherein the home they can pass the inspect the Jada emperor can reward every one of them fails the inspect they gone punishment like leave the food out some for a day. He can rule all one heaven, earth, and everything and it’s a big job so he has a lot of advisers like an earth emperor have so they can manage everything. They can see how are human and doing their job. He created a Chinese zodiac. Jada emperor has a wife name was Empress. They have a lot of children and the most important one child is his daughter’s name as Zhinü she is in charge of all the colourful clouds. And this was another story to her one day she came to the earth and took bath in the river as she was bathing he saw a cow herder name Niu Lang and how was attracted to her. He saw some robes on the side of the river he stole that so she doesn’t get back to heaven so he takes her to his home and married her. Some time went the Jade emperor thought where is her daughter search her. Another day she snooping around his husband’s room he saw a box under a bed and inside the bed, she saw a rope. And she gets back to heaven. In the heave, the Jada emperor knows all the things he decided to decide so he makes a river to heave to earth. Hereafter there was a no chance to meet together so that yearly ones a bridge will come they can meet together and it’s called Valentine’s day.

What is ancestor money?

Ancestor money it’s just a paper. We can burn for our ancestors to their debts. It will help them to pass the gateway of heaven.

How to burn ancestor money?

We want to pray a little bit to our ancestors (for example This is for all the ancestors who know and unknown if you have any Debit it can fulfil it will help you to pass the gateway in heaven). We want to write our ancestor name in the ancestor money. We want to fold the money and shown in fire and put in the bowl just see the green light fire that the money was gone to the ancestors now just say thank you and get the windows and doors were open now. That all your ancestor will get the money.