Christmas eve and the celebrations

Christmas eve and the celebrations

There are a grand couple are be living in the village of New York. They have three sons. One son is be settled in the city in New York, the second son is being settled in the city of Mexico, and the last son has been settled in Brazil. All three are in three different places. This is a very special new year. That her father and the mother are we going to celebrate his 50th anniversary. So, all three children are being planned to surprise their parents on Christmas days. So, all of them are being planned to go to the village near New York. They planned to post the letter in a surprised manner, so they appointed one person to be dressed and makeup as Santa clause. The parents get a personalised letter from santa . They are to planned this performance, and they set that person to give the letter to him.

personalised letter from santa

As they all planned, they all booked their flight tickets. And all of them become too native with all of the family. So, the three families are being gathered at the airport. And planned to go at the same time to do a surprise for their parents. So, they book three taxies and go to the native house. After coming to the home, all the grandchildren know the door. The grandmother comes to open the door. After seeing their children and their grandchildren, the grandmother was very happy. She got get cried with lots of love and affection. After seeing the family, the grandfather is also very happy. Both the grand couple are very excited to see their grandchildren.

Christmas celebrations

They are all planned to take the family dress. All the men are to take the suiting as the same. And the girls are to planned to buy the same code dress. So, they all planned to get to celebrate Christmas Eve in a very grand manner. So, they all day are prepared with the delicious food, and the ladies are to state to make the sweets and the great grand cake is to make for their parent’s anniversary. So, the big cake is being started prepared, and the celebration is being started. They all be set their costumes in their code dress. The grandparents are too started to cut the cake all the family members are ne very happy. They don’t forget the time never in a lifetime. All the kids are very happy that night. So, they all be together and go to the church for the prayer. After the prayer, they moved to the park for so the kids want to visit the nearest park.  So, they spent some hours in the park. After playing in the parks. They are planned to go to a restaurant for dinner. So, all of them are to go to the restaurant and have a fantastic dinner, and the dinner was finished with some desserts. The grandfather gives gifts to their grandchildren. So, they all be very happy that night they never forget this in a lifetime.