Choosing the Right Power Supply Company

Choosing the Right Power Supply Company

Power supply company does not allow the installation of external devices on the meter e.g. devices that allow an automatic reset of switches or limiters or meter switches in the event of disconnection that can alter the regular installation of the meters and can cause damage compromising the standard quality and safety of these appliances. With the Power to Choose Energy suppliers, you can find electricity at the best rates.

It is good to remember that when a counter detaches or the power supply system absorbs overloaded power, or has a fault, automatically restarting the meter without having resolved the cause of the disconnection can cause damage to people or things.

For both these reasons the devices that could be found on the electronic meters will be immediately removed by our staff and the customer will be warned for tampering.

Earthing and “lifesaving”

Power to Choose Energy

The earthing system and the “Salvavita” high-sensitivity differential switch, complete with thermal-magnetic protection, are a guarantee of safety in the use of electrical appliances: In the event that the insulation of the appliances is deteriorated, the earthing system disperses the “fault” current in the ground. The differential switch guarantees safety even in the case of small leaks.

Only authorized installers

From small repairs to the construction of new systems, contact only qualified technicians. In the presence of cables, plugs, sockets, deteriorated or faulty lamp holders, do not attempt to repair them with adhesive or insulating tape. It is advisable to replace them in order to guarantee efficiency and safety.

Use of sockets

Do not overload, with double plugs or reducers, a single socket with more appliances. An overloaded outlet is a potential cause of overheating, with possible consequences of the short circuit, fire, power outage and system damage.

Safety in the bathroom at home

The bathroom is a particularly delicate place for electrical safety. It is, therefore, necessary to pay the utmost attention to you and your qualified installer. Do not use and do not keep devices connected to the electricity supply near you when you come in contact with water. Remember that the power outlets must be installed away from the bath and shower and that a very high sensitivity differential switch, incorporated in the sockets, increases safety.

From wet

Before entering the shower or bathtub, disconnect all electrical appliances from the power outlet. Do not use any electrical appliance if you are barefoot or have wet hands. Avoid using the electric razor, hairdryer or anything else.

Iron without risk

In the event that there is an insulation defect (even if not evident) of the insulating parts (for example the iron cord), wet hands and bare feet facilitate the passage of electric current through the body. This can cause sometimes lethal consequences.

Cords and extensions

Normal use can damage extension cords, iron cord and power cords. It is essential to periodically check their efficiency and integrity. Remember, however, not to wrap the cord on the hot iron and not to roll it up tightly around the appliance.

The main switch

For any operation, even trivial, if you cannot disconnect the plug, always switch off the main switch. The switch that is normally used to control a lamp or other does not guarantee a sufficient degree of safety, because it interrupts only one of the two electric wires power supply.