Annual reports in an online format:

Annual reports in an online format:

Most annual reports are distributed online. Some people utilize in generating these reports through offline as well. For example, you can download PDF as printed format and forward the report to the company by filling the financial statements of the company. The annual report design will specify the company financial statements and what actually the activities of a company have done so far, any product innovations, etc. In short, the identity of a person is justified with his identity proof. Similarly, the identity of a company is justified with this annual report only.

There is a different format of annual reports will be produced to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). This report will let them know about your company financial performance. In fact, this report is very important to let the public know about your company performance and growth, opportunities by notifying you are a successful entrepreneur to society. As we all know that the media is focusing a lot about your company growth and new developments as well. It will be possible to prove your company status and result with the help of successful elements produced in your annual reports only.

annual report design

The availability of several annual report formats to all sectors of companies plays a major role. It includes public, private and commercial sectors especially. It is mandatory to know its overall activities which have implemented on yearly basis. So, concentrating on each and every employee, investors act as assets to your company profits and enhances your company growth essentially.

Types of the online format in generating annual reports:

  • Initially, coming to the best online annual report is microsites which are popularly known as a standalone This kind of format involves HTML versions respectively to produce the financial statement. It is the most preferable option for many companies. It is very flexible in reading online. It even includes your financial statement with a number of fine elements. You can experience onscreen reading including the factors of audio, video experience. This is predominantly called a user-friendly annual report format. It is associated with high-cost expensiveness.
  • PDF is the most popularly used annual report format where you can download easily from your company’s official website. It is easily generated format. According to the expert’s point of view, this PDF format is also can be viewed through online or onscreen reading. It is really benefited to obtain the annual report in terms of offline viewing and you can also obtain it in laser-printed
  • When you come across flipbooks, then it actually simulates a kind of reading book experiences. Here the individual used to flip the page with the help of the mouse. It is really very less in cost expensiveness for generating microsites. But it is very high in cost expensiveness compared to PDF files. It is not extremely matched with the printed format.


In fact, these reports are processed in both online and offline (printed format). But the current technology demand makes the enhancement of using these annual reports.  But preferably many choose online format. Here choosing microsites are the best option and coming to online printed format, you can go with PDF. Here the printed format will keep on differ depending on the company’s condition.